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Gypsum board contractor in Qatar

Our Gypsum Board Contracting Services

Being one of the best gypsum board contractor in Qatar. The versatility of the boards makes it a great choice for building interiors. We perform all kinds of Gypsum board works, including partition and installation. The gypsum boards by Third Eye are one of the best in the market, with their super sound control features, durability, moisture resistance and thermal efficiency.

Benefits of Gypsum Board

A wave of technological advancements has made the construction landscape really special. And with Gypsum boards, the benefits have been numerous. We focus on delivering the highest quality boards so you can avail the numerous benefits of the board. Our boards are highly versatile and thus suitable for multiple architectural designs and patterns. The boards can be easily installed, hence they become the preferred choice for many construction projects. The boards have excellent fire-resistant features too. Another big benefit of gypsum boards is that they aid in sound isolation. So if you need to create a comfortable and quiet environment, try our Gypsum boards.

Why Choose Third Eye Groups for Gypsum Board Contracting

We offer the highest quality gypsum boards in numerous sizes. We have boards that are used in ceilings, on existing walls and curved surfaces. There are boards that are used as a face layer for repair or remodeling purposes. If you are looking for single-layer wall systems, and thicker ones for double-layer walls. We also have thicker boards that you can use as shaft walls, partitions, corridor ceilings, and the like.

Residential Gypsum Board Installations

Being a highly competent gypsum board contractor in Qatar, we are the people to hire for residential gypsum board installations. With our experience in the field, we will be able to do an accurate installation depending on the architectural style of your building. Our installation team will plan the number of boards needed for the installation, and they will choose the right thickness, depending on the owner’s instructions and sound proofing needs. They will make the installations based on a proper plan so the work will be without a hindrance. The entire work will be transparent so you will be kept in the loop of what’s happening, and the best thing is that our services are offered at cost-effective rates.

Commercial and Industrial Gypsum Board Solutions

As a trusted gypsum board contractor in Qatar, we offer premium choices for gypsum boards for commercial and industrial solutions. The boards can be customized to suit the particular requirements of your building. Our team will arrive at your location for an initial consultation and to understand the nature of business and take measurements for the board installation. Being versatile and durable, our gypsum board installation designs will definitely be an eye-candy solution that will not only be practical and sensible, but aesthetic and elegant. We bring creativity to the gypsum boards and make them reflect the vision of your enterprise. Since the boards are lightweight, flexible and easy to install, you can place them practically anywhere and for any purpose.

Why choose us

Third Eye is the ultimate partner as your gypsum board contractor in Qatar. Our team has several years of experience and expertise in the installations for residential, commercial and industrial installations. We maintain professional industry standards and certifications to ensure the quality of our work. We are well versed in each aspect of the installations, including ceiling installations, wall partitions, decorative applications and so on. As renowned contractors in the field of gypsum board installations, we employ our skills and knowledge to ensure a flawless finish and an impeccable job. We are known to deliver work on time and at reasonable rates. Ready to have a discussion with us to know how we work, and why we are the perfect fit for your gypsum board installation? Call us and we will be thrilled to explain why.