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Aluminium & Glass Doors

With the perfect combination of elegance and beauty, aluminum and glass doors are the right choice for homes, residential complexes, educational institutions and commercial buildings. Their durability, aesthetic appeal and functionality make them ideal for doors and panels. Not only do the glass doors let natural light in, but they have the modern and contemporary look that makes any space beautiful and unique. While the glass panels render a kind of visual appeal and openness within the space, aluminum renders its own special characteristics of strength and longevity. The Aluminium & Glass door manufacturer Qatar has a number of options that will make any space create its own saga of creative stories.

Our Aluminium & Glass Door Products

Our company offers a range of aluminum and glass door products. Buildings with different architectural styles, functional requirements and design preferences need different kinds of aluminum doors and cladding, depending on what the user preferences are. We offer a range of aluminum framing and glass systems , architectural metal cladding, louver and sun breakers, etc. Each of the products at our shop goes through multiple quality checks before they are shipped off to the customer. Our Aluminium curtain wall cladding Qatar products are offered at cost-effective rates. These are suitable for residential, institutional and commercial applications because of their aesthetic, functional and durability features. We can customize the products to suit the particular shape or architectural style/design of your building.

Aluminium Curtain Wall Cladding

Third Eye delivers one of the best aluminum curtain wall cladding Qatar services. This is installed over the building’s exterior facade and is attached to the curtain wall framing system. Our Aluminum curtain wall cladding is used on commercial buildings, commercial buildings, hospitality buildings, and other high-rise structures. These light-weight structures are non-structural and provide a protective barrier against the weather. The cladding panels come in a variety of thickness, colors, patterns and finishes and can be configured to meet specific design requirements. Browse through our varieties of aluminum curtain wall cladding Qatar products and choose the right one for your property. Take into consideration the wind loads, thermal expansion and other environmental factors including seismic forces before buying.

Aluminum Facade Cladding

With our styles and options in aluminum facade cladding, you have a number of options that will increase the functional appeal and enhance the aesthetic appearance of buildings. Make your buildings eye-catching and attractive with their architectural brilliance. Our aluminum facade cladding Qatar services can be used for any kind of buildings be it modern structures or traditional-style construction works. Since they are lightweight, highly durable and resistant to corrosion or rust, they are very popular in places where the environmental conditions are really harsh. And these are very easy to handle and transport because of their lightweight nature. You can easily install the cladding wherever you want them or fashion them into any shape of choice. Through our aluminum facade cladding Qatar services, the cladding can be modified into any geographical shape, pattern, design, angle or curve of choice depending on the requirements of your building.

Installation Process

We have a highly qualified technical team for the installation process for wall cladding and for incorporating the aluminum and glass doors in buildings. The preparation processes for both these are somewhat similar because our team has to ensure that the area is clean, level and structurally sound before they start the process. If there are existing elements that hinder the process of installation, they will remove them completely and take accurate measurements of the layout. Once the cladding work is complete or the doors are ready, we will install them correctly and make sure they are aligned with the frames and surfaces. The hardware accessories of the installation are done with care and caution. Once the installation is complete, we will do the weather proofing and sealing to prevent air and water infiltration. We will test and make adjustments to the systems to ensure that the working is smooth and without any hiccups.

Why choose us

Through our Aluminium & Glass door manufacturer Qatar services, we aim to reach out to the maximum number of construction sites with the best quality products that set the standard in the buildings in the country. With strict measures for maintaining quality and excellence, our team works hard to provide the most unique services to all our clients, by customizing the products according to their particular requirements and making each customer special. Get in touch with us today to know more about our products and their versatility.