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Aluminum Glass

Leveraging on our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of this domain, we are capable of offering an impeccable assortment on Aluminium& Glass Doors and Windows. These products are precisely formulated by the team of professionals assuring unmatched quality and appearance. Our products are manufactured using the superior quality raw material. Apart from these, we manufacture these products according to the specific requirements of our valuable clients.

Stainless Steel Work

Stainless steel work tables with undershelves are essential products to have in your commercial restaurant, bakery, cafeteria, or catering business. These items feature flat surfaces, so chefs can tenderize meats, chop vegetables, knead dough, or mix batters. Plus, they have shelves located underneath of their work surfaces that are perfect for storing dishes, small appliances, bulk ingredients, and other supplies.

Architectural facades

The physical properties of glass are invaluable and unequaled when it comes to the architect’s material palette. From the time of the cathedrals and the the brilliantly colored stained glass that served a functional and didactic purpose, to the modernist liberation of the floor plan and the exquisitely-framed horizontal views provided by ample windows, architects have turned to glass to achieve not only aesthetic but performative conditions in their projects.

Market Sectors


As the leading and highly experienced hotel construction company, we understand the construction business like no one else! We have handled numerous projects and our extensive knowledge and understanding of the hotel construction industry aid us in building beautiful as well as state-of-the-art hotels for our clients. We combine our labor management skills with in-depth project development expertise to build luxury resorts and grand hotels featuring the best of amenities and facilities.

Schools and Education

Schools buildings have particular design requirements in terms of spatial planning and flexible use of space, control of vibrations and acoustics, and robustness. Classroom sizes are specified in Department for Education Building Bulletins, along with requirements for other larger spaces such as specialist rooms and sports facilities. In the higher education sector, the form of construction is typically academic buildings consisting of offices, lecture theatres, classrooms, and laboratories, and multi-story student residences consisting of multiple bedrooms.

Residential Building

A perfect understanding of the basics of building construction is the first step to a successful construction project.Constructing a building is puzzling regardless of the type of building. Aside from the time, efforts, and investment involved, care should be taken in planning the purpose of construction and its use. Hence, it is agreeable that the process of constructing a building starts with its plan.

Commercial Building

Commercial construction involves the designing, renovating, and building of commercial structures. Projects use heavy equipment funded by developers, as well as local and national governments.Developers and contractors compete for construction contracts by submitting proposal bids. The more detailed and accurate the plan, the better chances of winning the project. The size, budget, and scope determine how much money it will cost to break ground and complete a build. Value engineering can also be used to predict the most accurate and cost-efficient project plan.

Multi-Purpose Shopping Mall

This is a series of one or more buildings containing shops, adjacent parking, and interconnected walkways. Usually, the shops are indoors. Shopping malls may contain entertainment and dining venues. They can range in size from neighborhood centers to super-regional centers.

Sport Center & Multipurpose Halls

As a leading sports facility construction contractor, we combine our strong track record of creating state-of-the-art facilities that meet the needs of both casual fitness enthusiasts and serious athletes with a passion for building with a higher purpose. This unique combination has enabled us to build an impressive portfolio of exceptional projects and satisfied clients. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that your sports building construction project or sports facility renovations are of the highest quality and meet the expectations of the 21st-century player, team, and fans.

Our Services

Aluminum Framing and Glass Systems

  • • Aluminum Curtain Wall
  • • Aluminum Windows
  • • Aluminum Storefronts
  • • Aluminum Doors and Hardware
  • • Automatic Doors
  • • Skylights
  • • Structural Glass Systems
  • • Point supported glass systems
  • • All Glass entrances/ Glass Doors
  • • All Glass Partition and Hand Rails
  • • All Types of Mirror works
  • • All types of Gypsum and Cement Board works

Architectural Metal cladding

  • • Aluminum Panels
  • • Column Covers
  • • Flashings and Trim
  • • Stainless steel & Steel Hand Rails.
  • • Stainless steel glazed works
  • • All types of SS and Metal works.

Louver and sun-breakers

  • • Fixed louver frames
  • • Motorized louvers.
  • • Louver doors