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smart film PDLC and smart glass in Qatar

Smart film (PDLC) and smart glass services

Smart film is also known as PGDLC or Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal, and this is used in buildings and automobiles. With its smart capabilities it is possible to transition the film from its state of transparency to opacity. This gives the user greater freedom with light transmission and privacy. And yes, it's aesthetically so appealing too. Over the last few years, this technology has gained great popularity due to these features. It is amazing to learn how this technology works from transparency to opacity. The smart film and smart glass works by aligning the liquid crystals within a polymer mix in a particular manner. Electrical light is applied to the film and glass. When the electrical charge goes through them, the liquid crystals scatter and the glass surface becomes opaque. When no charge is applied, it stays in their transparent state, and the liquid crystals allow light to pass through. Third Eye provides the best smart film PDLC and smart glass in Qatar services.

Importance of Smart Film

The biggest feature and advantage of Smart Film is its innovative technology of going from being transparent to opaque with the application of electrical current. At the flick of a switch, you can control the privacy levels of the building and automobiles. It will protect the occupants and passengers against harmful UV rays and will protect the interior space and whatever is inside, your furnishings, equipment, appliances, car seats, upholstery and so on. When you come in from the hot and scorching sun outside, the Smart Film would give you the coolness that you seek. It is very easy to install and even easier to switch from clear state to opacity. This technological innovation is surely going to increase the value of your property and increase the life of equipment.

Our Smart Film Services

Through our smart film PDLC and smart glass in Qatar services, Third Eye offers a range of services that will enhance the privacy and functionality of your buildings and automobiles. The applications include spaces that need a certain amount of privacy like offices, healthcare centers, residential complexes, commercial centers, along with cars and motor vehicles. Our technical team will make the installations according to space availability and into the shape that’s required. We can easily install this on existing glass surfaces as part of retrofitting. If you are looking for a mix of privacy with technological innovation and creativity with a bit of modernity and style thrown in for good measure, get in touch with Third Eye for our Smart Film services.

Smart Film Applications

There are numerous ways in which you can enjoy our smart film PDLC and smart glass in Qatar services. The Smart Film can be retrofitted on any windows in your homes and offices. It is perfect for commercial centers, hospitals and healthcare centers, hospitality buildings, including hotels, resorts and educational institutions. Smart film and glass has great usability in automobiles, because you can control the amount of light entering the rooms and enjoy privacy. You can incorporate this technology in any setting where you need elegance and sophistication in the ambiance.

Why Choose Third Eye Groups for Smart Film

Hire Third Eye for all kinds of comprehensive and reliable smart film PDLC and smart glass in Qatar services. We have a great team of technicians who have received professional training in retrofitting the glass with smart films. The technicians are competent and quick, and they follow compliance rules mandated by the government agencies for each building . Our team is quick, and there is a quality check during each step of installation. We will guide you through the usability of the smart film and provide timely maintenance and troubleshooting, if needed. Get in touch with us today to know more about the technology that can give you privacy and protection at the flick of a button.